Skilled Services

Skilled Services

Everest Home Health Services’ skilled services are managed by healthcare practitioners. Skilled Services include expert assessment and evaluation of each patient/member of the family.

Skilled Nursing:

Skilled Nursing calls for the expertise of a Nursing specialist. Each Nursing specialist is concerned with one domain of medical science:

  • Orthopedics
  • Pulmonary care
  • Surgery care
  • Nursing
  • Catheter Care
  • Catheter Change
  • Diabetic Care
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Injections/IV therapies
  • Wound Care and Dressing
  • Tube feeding
  • Home safety evaluations
  • Fall prevention
  • Medication Administration

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy help regain function whether Individual’s problem is a result of injury or disease. Our Physical Therapy role is to help him or her achieve highest level of function. Physical Therapy also work with individual to prevent loss of mobility by developing fitness and wellness oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyle. We specialize in physical therapy that include, Fall prevention, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Muscle Spasms, Spinal injuries, Sports injuries, Back injuries, Pediatrics, Cervical injuries, Trauma Care, Work-related injuries, Post-surgery care and Pre-surgery care, cardiac related conditions, pulmonary, stroke, neurological conditions.

Occupational Therapy

Our team of occupational therapists leverage on social and occupational interventions to help people recover and regain skills, so that the afflicted/injured can come back to normal living. Our team perform therapeutic exercises and instruct in activities like meal preparation, toileting, and grooming. They also assist with energy and endurance problems, and address equipment needs, all with the goal of fostering self-reliance.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy services include communication therapy, voice disorder treatments, language disorders, dysphagia (swallowing) and cognitive retaining.

Social Services

Everest Home Health Services focus on the benefits of counseling, liaison and expert guidance and assistance. Our team of social workers meets family members of the community to know of their health problems, and will address medical issues with the best solutions.

Our social workers connect the patients with the best caregivers and community agencies, help doctors and physicians to reach out to the aggrieved, and provide for prompt counseling and assistance on concerns of social interest.